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Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P.C.

Law Offices of
Richard M. Craig, P.C.

Business Litigation
Attorneys in Chicago

The business litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P.C. represent businesses throughout Chicago. We effectively resolve business disputes including breach of contract, business tort, commercial transaction issues, and relationships.

Looking for Legal Service With Global Quality?

Over 28 Years In Business

For over 28 years, we’ve represented local businesses, national, and multinational enterprises in and out of Chicago. Our business litigation lawyers are seasoned, dedicated, and have excellent qualifications to achieve positive results for every client.
Also, the attorneys at Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P. C. work hard to resolve litigations fast and efficiently. And while doing this, we keep track of your rights and interests, the best outcome being our top agenda.

Business Litigation Issues We Handle

Whatever business-related disputes you require legal representation, our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers will handle.

Why Do I Need a Business Litigation Attorney Chicago for My Business?

To survive in the competitive business world, you need the right litigation lawyer in case someone causes harm to your business. A business litigation law firm specializing in commercial representation will take a defensive posture when representing you, their business client.
A business litigation attorney will focus on lowering the risks to your business and assets. But when problems arise with your business deals or relationship leading to disputes, the attorney will step up to protect your commercially sensitive details.
On short notice, the attorneys at Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P. C. will appear in court to defend your rights.

Breach of Contract

When one party fails to honor his contractual agreement, a breach of contract dispute may arise for your business. And unless you take immediate legal action for enforcement, your business may suffer significant losses.
At Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P. C., our business litigation attorneys have over 20 years of experience. We have successfully represented prominent and upcoming businesses in breach of contract cases.
When you hire us, we’ll defend your rights and that of your business under the contract. To schedule a FREE consultation with an experienced attorney, call Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P. C. now.

Breach of Contract Matters We Can Handle

Call us now and talk to one of Chicago’s top business litigation lawyers.

Partnership Disputes

In business, partners usually share profits or losses accrued in the business venture. A partnership dispute may arise if a partner takes up a business venture from the business to make a profit.
To protect your interests, the other partner should act fast to resolve the dispute and safeguard the interests of the partnership.
The business litigation attorneys at Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P. C. have years of experience in handling partnership disputes. As our client, we seek to defend your rights, assets, and business.
Here are some partnership disputes our business litigation attorneys can handle:

If there’s a partnership dispute in your business, we can help in getting compensation for the losses. Our business litigation attorneys will walk you through the investigation process so we can get the evidence we need to claim your compensation.
Talk to an experienced Chicago business litigation lawyer about your partnership dispute now.

Insurance Disputes

If your insurance company wrongly denies your claim, you can raise an insurance dispute.
Whether you were recently involved in an accident or you lost a dear one and need to collect the insurance policy, we can help.
Any time you suspect that the insurance agent is taking advantage of you or the insurance company unfairly denied your insurance coverage, talk to us. Our business litigation attorneys will work hard to safeguard your rights including:

To schedule a FREE consultation with one of our insurance dispute attorneys, call Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P. C. now.

Whether it’s a simple partnership dispute or a complex business litigation issue, our attorneys will successfully represent you. We have helped thousands of businesses in Chicago get what they rightfully deserve and we’ll help you too.

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