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Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P.C. is a trusted civil litigation firm that provides expert litigation service in courtrooms and outside. Licensed for over 28 years, we represent individuals, businesses, and corporates in trials as well as appeal cases.

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Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P.C.

With Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P.C., you are guaranteed result-oriented legal advice and representation. And because we understand the complexities of the court systems, we’ll help you to successfully navigate every court system.

Areas of Practice

Business Litigation

Personal Injury Litigation

Real Estate Transaction

Landlord Tenant disputes


Your Trusted Legal Advisor

Our lawyers are skilled in resolving complex legal issues and will help you achieve the results you want. From business disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, or personal injury litigations, we’ll offer you goal-oriented legal advice.

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We Appear in All Court Levels

The attorneys at Law Offices of Richard M. Craig, P.C. will represent you in all court levels including:

Court of Appeal

Superior Courts

Provincial Courts

Small claim Court

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